You haven't arrived here by accident.

    You came here for a reason.    



     You are searching for something. 

     Something called you here, something attracted your attention.

     Was it the light of a better, brighter world, beckoning to you?


    A still small voice calling from the back of your mind?


     A distant memory rising up, waiting to be recognized?



     You have questions, concerns, issues.

     We have help, and connections, and answers.

     'My current relationship is- only so-so.  Will I ever find true love?'   

     'My job is fun, but I know I am capable of more.  Where should I search?' 

     'My mom died about a year ago, and I can't seem to stop grieving. If I could just talk to her one more time....'   

     We can help with you with all these and more!

The Friend Who Tells You Everything

     Like your best friend, we tell you the truth, and the truth about everything we see and feel and hear.   We talk about the angels that surround you, your spiritual connections and guides, those things in the world that will help or hinder your life's work on this planet.  We share our thoughts on other people in your life, their energies, nature, intentions, and their place in the grand design.  Are they helpmeet's, or one of the necessary challenges to your growth?   Is your vocation marriage or the single estate?  When, and to whom, and will it be forever? 
     And, since forever is a reality, we will relay messages to and from heaven, from both human and angelic beings. 

      We can affirm the paths that take you to your highest good and maximum potential, and affectionately warn you when you know you are off on a tangent. We tell you the truth, not what you want to hear.

The Friend You Can Say Anything To

     Like your best friend, we listen to you.  Never judging, never shaming, and never shared with anyone else in the world.   We listen and help you sort out what you are feeling, and how to cope.  A session with a Pxychic is like  having a heart to heart chat with you best friend. provides a courteous, professional interview with a mature, devout Christian with proven Gifts of the Spirit. Our mission is to provide you with the clarity and insight inspired by the Holy Spirit in your daily life, in all your problems and conflicts, in your behavior with those around you, and to anticipate future events through words of prophecy and revelation. We strive to leave you feeling strengthened, encouraged, revived and full of hope. We will remind you that God loves you and request to pray with you in Jesus name. We will continue to pray for you, long after the session is ended.
     We hope you will contact  us today! God Bless!


     So what exactly is a Pxychic?  What's the difference between the Christian psychics (Pxychics) at and other psychics online?

     A Pxychic is a psychically sensitive and gifted person who has Christ  Jesus in the center of their heart. 

     That's a cute play on words, but what does it really mean? 

     It means that you have the blessed assurance that we are exactly what we say we are- real psychics, honest and accurate, who make a 110% effort for you and your issues. We receive our impressions, intuitions, and information from the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of Prophecy, as mentioned in Revelations 19, verse 10.
     Also, the safety of sensitive information and the utmost confidentiality is sacred to us. We answer to a Higher Authority.

     E-mail interviews are conducted within 24 hours of reception, usually after 4PM Pacific Time. Phone-in sessions are available by appointment only, weekdays and evenings before midnight, Pacific Time. Written correspondence is equally welcomed and answered as soon as possible.

     You haven't arrived here by accident. We have a gift to share with you from our treasure stores. Please check us out now! God Bless!

Being Christians, We Don't Insist That  You Be

     We welcome all Gods children, not just those of our persuasion. Being Christian, we don't insist that you be. We are bearing spiritual fruits, not religious nuts! We welcome all seekers of wisdom, truth, and direction to utilize our services, and are confident that you will find them equal to or better than any other counsel in any world.


Peruse Our Treasure Pages!

     So stop a moment, and peruse our treasure stores.  There is a gift waiting for you!

     If you haven't stopped by recently, you may notice some changes!!   

     Are you on a quest of your own?  Share the vast store of treasures we have discovered and shared along our way!   On the Christian Psychic Owners Manuels page we post a medley of guide sources and stores of other Christians and Christian Psychics to help you on your own Grand Quest.  Just mouse over the Christian and Psychic and Confused page.

     Having a strange, or puzzling, or recurring dream?  Our own dream interpreter can help you unravel your own deep message. 

     Need to make an in depth study of the Sacred TarotHere you will find a fresh and lively twist on this ancient Christian art! You will find all these here under the aegis of the Christian Knights, as well as some soul-stirring insights from our contemplative branches.

     Are you a psychically sensitive Christian yourself?  Confused about whether these Gifts of the Spirit are really from God?  Click the Christian and Psychic and Confused? to follow a clear guideline regarding your gifts;  how to purify yourself, strengthen your grip, and serve God and man as best you can!    

     Do you feel the need to rediscover and reconnect to the early church life?  Take to your heart the Didache, the Teaching of The Lord To The Nations, written by Peter and the Apostles as a guide to life for the early Christian community.  Discover the reality of original Christianity, and how to live the authentic Christian life!  Be enlightened by the Luminous Gospels, written by the Apostles Thomas, Philip, and Mary Magdalen; learn The Wisdom of Jesus Christ, and read the Dialog of the Savior in the first person as you scroll down the full length of this page!!

      Need to publish a heavenly Thank You note?  Go to our Messages From the Light page, and have a long look.  Perhaps a word of knowledge, or word of prophecy, has come to us for you.  Check for a description in Voices from the Vineyard.  Waiting for a message from heaven?  Read Angel Call 444. Have a question on contemporary use of Scripture? The Flock may have raised the issue.  Need a prayer circle? Top article on Messages From the Light!  Need those Scriptures specifically dealing with psychic insights, sensitivities, angels and demons, and what the Lord wants of you? Find much food for thought in Reproofs, these presented in full on the Messages From the Light page.

     Click on CrossLights Christian astrology,  a wonderful account of heaven like nothing else on the Web. Updated daily at sunrise Pacific time, CrossLights shares heavens warmth, wisdom, and supportive messages.  Now along with our sister site,, you can watch the steps of the cosmic dance in make perfect sense in your own life and walk of faith.  Visit the page for a brief view! 

     Pregnant, and considering all your options?  Why not consider having a prenatal horoscope chart drawn up, to see what kind of a person you may give birth to?  If it helps you decide one way or another, and it's free, what's to lose??  Just let us know the approximate due date, and the general time of conception if you can guess it, and we will provide you with a free prenatal natal chart.  It's bound to give you a lot of insight!  Send us this info from a personal email address (not a company address, for SPAM reasons) in complete confidence! Email your question to, we will answer!

     Need an encouraging word, or even a little more than that?  Settle into The Lambs Touch Christian Healing page for comforting your soul!  This is a uniquely Christian garden of encouraging cheerful words that cast Good Luck email Forwards, Spells and Hexes, into the shade.  Our Lambs Touch Christian Healing Page is public domain, so you can browse, bookmark, or copy for when you need an encouraging word!!!  

     Now you can Friend us on Facebook, Like us too!  Some interesting stories are shared on Facebook by our own Flock members!

     Just looking for a quiet place to sit and think for a while, in His presence, to help you straighten things out in your mind?  We've got you covered on our On Line Chapel.  The Chapel of the Silver Unicorn celebrates the Risen Christ in subtle images from His life.  His mom is also there, in her favorite flowers.  Please click and enjoy peace. 

     Trying to remember the words of a favorite but forgotten prayer? Click and scan our Prayer Guide

     The Secret Teachings of Jesus Christ, The Gospel of Truth, The Treatise on the Resurrection, The Thunder:  Perfect Mind, and the original Gospel of Peter are presented on Jesus Christ 2017.  Read what they don't want you to know!

     We invite you to peruse these of our gifts for grace, as often as you can. You will feel as comfortable as with family, should you ever need to ask How To Order.

     God Bless you and keep you!

     If you have a taste for indepth, esoteric Christian astrology, we are here for you!!


    Give a try!!  You will feel much at home!


    Are you more mystically inclined, Catholic, or Otherworldly?  Celebrate on

     FYI, there is a special squad of tender, kind hearted souls working closely with the angels of death.  When a suicide arrives in the outer court, there is no hellfire;  there is no punishment;  there is no blame,  only the look of concern and understanding in the eyes of a forgiving God and His ministers.  These are the same crew which catch murder victims.     

     Pregnant, and Considering Your Options??

     Why not consider having a prenatal horoscope chart drawn up, to see what kind of a person you may give birth to?  If it helps you decide one way or another, and it's free, what's to lose??  Just let us know the approximate due date, and the general time of conception if you can guess it, and we will provide you with a free prenatal natal chart.  It's bound to give you a lot of insight!

   Send us this info from a personal email address (not a company address, for SPAM reasons) in complete confidence!  Email your question to, we will answer!

     This is the year of our living Lord Christ two thousand and eighteen, a blessed time!!  Some of us write it out as 2018, Anno Domini, or Year of the Lord.


     New Years Day fell on Monday January 1st, 2018!!  Couldn't ask for a better way to start the year than a Monday holiday!


     Next year, 2019, begins on a Tuesday, with the heavens favoring floushing and growth!


     The Hebrew year is 5776.


     Fat Tuesday falls on Tuesday the 13 th of February 2018, with the following day being St. Valentines Day, Ash Wednesday.  The following day, Thursday, hosts the new moon and solar eclipse.

     Friday the 16 th of February is the lunar new year of the Dog.









    Daylight Savings Time will begin on Sunday 11 March 2018.



    Palm Sunday falls on Sunday March 24th, followed by Good Friday March 30th and Easter Sunday the 1 st of Apri, also known as April Fools Day.  That's the year we have ahead, Star Travelers, a reminder that God can be quite a comedian!


~ The Wolfdragon

Posted by The American Patriot on Saturday, November 7, 2015

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